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Edwards Bros Locksmith provide reliable 24 hour emergency and non-emergency locksmith services in Pittsburgh PA. Our team of highly trained professionals can arrive at the location of your house, office or car at any time of the day or night, regardless of the weather. Edwards Bros Locksmith Pittsburgh do fast quality lock instalations, re-keying, lock change and repair, as well as emergency house and car lockout services. We are a family (more specifically – two brothers) owned company, well known in the community for our fast 24/7 service and constant availability! When in need of a locksmith anywhere around Pittsburgh, call Edwards Bros for a safe bet!

Edwards Bros Locksmith Pittsburgh offer a wide range of lock and key services

Edwards Bros Locksmith Pittsburgh for all lock and key issues in the neighborhood. For cars, homes, or safes, we solve problems having to do with all types of locks. We also install security systems for the home and businesses. We offer access control, alarm systems and more. When you need to have a key cut or have the door of the safe or of your premises opened in Pittsburgh, we answer calls instantly and arrive at your location within the hour. Edwards Bros are your local Pittsburgh locksmith, having years of experience and offering services in the area to keep residential and commercial properties safe and secure. Our personnel are expert in all types of locks and keys. Whether you have a car of any model or your home needs to be made safe, our ability to resolve such issues quickly can have you continue with your daily life in a jiffy!

Top Quality Service and Customer Satisfaction

Edwards Bros Locksmith Pittsburgh knows that satisfaction does not only mean offering the best quality to our customers. A friendly and dedicated staff is also essential. The customer needs to know that their interest is the primordial concern of our company. When you have the best staff and the best services available, what more to put a smile on your face than to have the best quote available? Locksmith Pittsburgh prices beat all in the neighborhood and the surrounding area. All our services whether it’s on a contract for the security of premises or one off service to deal with emergency issues that may occur are offered relatively affordable in comparison to any other in the area. Businesses in particular have come to appreciate the level of work and the quotes we offer and because of that, we have long lasting relationship with many of them.

Assistance with house, office and car doors

Edwards Bros Locksmith Pittsburgh for all matters that have to do with quick assistance in solving car lock and key problems, as well as home doors, windows, safes and more. For opening car doors when you have forgotten the key inside or for safe doors at the office. In addition, for other matters such as the security of your premises, access control, alarm system, and more; our local locksmiths can answer all your needs. Our specialized staff provides quality services using the best technology available; you can obtain replacement keys, gain access to your property or valuables. You will find only the most competitive prices in the Pittsburgh market. Being able to solve lock problems quickly can be a great relief especially when you already have a busy day. When you can receive immediate assistance, you can resume your daily activities almost instantly, even if you lost all your keys!

24/7 Commercial and Automotive Locksmith Pittsburgh PA

If you are looking for a dependable locksmith Pittsburgh, we provide 24-7 assistance, including non-commercial, business and automotive locksmith expertise. Our customer service is unparalleled. Our clients receive only the best locksmith care available; we have become the prominent services provider in the Pittsburgh area. In Pittsburgh, our solutions are available 24 hours a day, every day of the week, to assist you with any of your needs.

Call today for a free price quote!

Edwards Bros Pittsburgh locksmith offers services in YOUR neighborhood. You will find many different quotes in the market but finding the best prices and the best service is not always easy. We offer all types of when it comes to doors, windows, locks and keys. Be it your business or home, car, or safe, top quality work and cheap prices are guaranteed! We are available on a 24-hour basis and can offer quick assistance. When we receive a phone call, our locksmith can reach you within 15-20 minutes! We have qualified professionals who are friendly, and we use the most sophisticated methods to avoid causing any damage to your property car or safe. We have never left a job undone, and we have never had a customer complaint! Whenever there is a lock issue, we are ready to assist at a moments notice. Call us at 412-879-0906.

Re-keying in the modern world

One of the services that is being offered by Edwards Bros Locksmith Pittsburgh, PA is lock re-keying. This can be done without ruining the door features, or the main frame itself. But, even in the more modern and technological age, this cannot be done by machines. It might need the more experienced hands of people who are trained to do such service just by the simple tools that the job might require. Most of the services at present are aided by one or more tools or equipment to make the service able to be done in a timely manner. But, nothing beats the old and traditional way which might be more efficient than one might imagine it would be.

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