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Edwards Bros 24 Hour Locksmith Pittsburgh

What is special about mobile home locks? They are made with modern designs and sleek looks. Installing them and repairing them need to be done with care. Since mobile home locks are lighter than conventional home locks, thy can be damaged by inept handling. Don’t get your mobile home locks repaired by inexperienced lock mechanics posing as experts in repairing all kind of locks. Give your mobile home locks the best care they deserve by getting them installed and serviced by Edwards Bros 24 Hour Locksmith Pittsburgh the experts. We will ensure the security of your mobile homes by taking proper care of your mobile home locks.

Depend on us to repair your padlocks

We are experts in servicing all kinds of locks. Edwards Bros 24 Hour locksmith for automobiles Pittsburgh is a company well known for its expertise in repairing padlocks. We have a long experience in fixing various kinds of problems with different locks including padlocks. Take advantage of our expertise and experience by calling us for any problems with your padlocks. Padlocks have been there for long but their design and structure keep changing with time. We keep track of the changes being made in padlocks so we have the knowledge to handle any type or model of padlocks. So, call us at 412-879-0906 for any help with your padlocks.

Peephole installation – 24 Hour Locksmith Pittsburgh

Planning to install a peephole on your door? Peephole installation is not an easy job as it may appear. However, a job that needs drilling small holes of the right dimension, fixing a small lens and fixing a knocker can’t be done by everyone. Unskilled people doing the job may make the peephole poorly aligned by making it look odd. The holes may not be covered perfectly and the screws may become loose if the holes are not tight. Hence, make your peephole look nice and convenient to use by getting the job done by Edwards Bros 24 Hour best locksmiths in Pittsburgh, who employ skills in whatever they do.

Planning for re-keying? Leave your concerns to us

When we take up a re-keying job, we are aware of our responsibilities. People who engage us for getting their locks rekeyed expect us to do the job with a degree of perfection that will ensure that the new keys will fit the lock perfectly. We always fulfil their expectations. Unskilled people sometimes damage the lock while doing the re-keying, making the whole process wasteful. You will also have to spend money on a new lock. To ensure that your re-keying is done properly, call Edwards Bros 24 Hour Locksmith Pittsburgh. In short, we will take care of your concerns and deliver what you expect from us.

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