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Best Locksmith in Pittsburgh

After going to 99% of locksmiths in the Pittsburgh area and asking for the same services, I’ve finally come up with a clear winner.

Based on the following criteria, Our locksmiths are by far the best:

a) Customer Service: Edwards Bros Locksmith clearly takes pride in its customer service, unlike many other locksmiths that I visited. Most locksmiths did what you requested and had you on your way. Edwards Bros took the time to ask me key questions about my request that I had never even considered. They gave me options of various price ranges, and offered a great warranty service. They did all this with a smile and even had the time to ask me how my day was going. While this seems insignificant, it was a greeting fit for a king when compared to most other locksmiths who gave me a simple “Hi” if that at all…

b) Selection: Edwards Bros Locksmith maintains a wide variety of inventory. Not only that, but they are familiar with all of it. To each 24 hour locksmith Pittsburgh, PA that I visited, I asked for a very specific lock, Edwards Bros was the only locksmith that was able to find the lock without difficulty. They lead me to the isle with the lock that I asked for as if they were anticipating me coming into the store and asking for it. They also recommended similar locks that I might be interested in. Moreover, they truly have a passion for their business.

c) Price: Edwards Bros Locksmith was by far the most affordable of all of the locksmiths I visited. They included a warranty with their entire inventory along with other great deals. I felt like no matter what I bought; I got something else for free or at the very least, a discounted rate. While this may be a marketing ploy to get you to buy more items; the employees at Edwards Bros do not push anything on you. They make you feel like you’re the one getting the better end of the deal.

d) Conclusion: Edwards Bros Locksmith Pittsburgh cares about their customers; they build a relationship with them through casual conversation and mutual understanding. They provide a great selection of items and are more than willing to help you find that lock or key that’s right for you. Finally, Edwards Bros knows that price is very important and maintains great rates; as a result as well as incorporates spectacular deals for every occasion. Great job Edwards Bros!

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