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There was this is one time at camp I was running around completely lost. I had forgotten where I parked the car. It was really awkward. I had been walking in zig zags. Eventually I did find the car after I just walked the entire perimeter of the lot. Then I got to my car and my keys had been missing some 100 zig zags ago. What was I suppose to do? To retrace my steps would have taken three days. I was being a jerk like that. I totally found myself in a situation of complete utter oblivion. People right comedies about things like this. I had to call the locksmith and I needed a locksmith that would come to me and that would work during awkward hours when normal businesses weren’t working. I found this number scribbled on the stall in the bathroom. It really could have been anyone but it said it was for a locksmith and I didn’t really have choice so I went with it. It worked for me. Totally worked out well. I got my self in to my car and got everything squared away and settled. This was a bad night but I did meet a really cool locksmith. I learned that night that I should really tie a strong onto my key and attach it to my pants. I should also keep a map and have my car nicely circle on this map. There should be an app for this. An that says your keys and car are lost and you should probably stop being an idiot.

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