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How do mobile locksmiths work?

*Locked out of Car? *Lost Keys? *Locked out of House? *Midnight Break-in Repair needed? *Car Keys Stone? Dont worry, Edwards Bros Locksmith Pittsburgh PA have the solution! Aside from our storefron, Edwards Bros Locksmith have a mobile team of highly trained...

When to consider master keys?

Installing a master key system in your home or office can have lots of benefits, but it also has some drawbacks. For example, good instances to have a locksmith install a master key system, is for all the doors inside the house. The room doors, windows, garage door...

Some Customer Stories

There was this is one time at camp I was running around completely lost. I had forgotten where I parked the car. It was really awkward. I had been walking in zig zags. Eventually I did find the car after I just walked the entire perimeter of the lot. Then I got to my...
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