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Owning a car means you may find yourself in an unfortunate situation of missing keys. It is not uncommon for a person to totally forget where they have placed their keys. In fact, key holders were invented just to tackle this particular issue. While it may have helped to curb the constant loss of keys, people still misplace or lose their keys even with a key holder. So, what happens if you have just realized that your car keys are missing? The logical thing to do would be to turn your house upside down looking for it. Especially if you need to be somewhere very important. Now, turning the house upside down may lead to you finding your keys, but it can also mean you did so for nothing. If the latter is the case, what you need is a professional locksmith that can cut car keys.

Edwards Bros Locksmith is a Pittsburgh, PA outfit that specializes in key cutting, key duplicating, and key replacement services. We have a long track record of helping car owners who may have lost or misplaced their keys get a replacement. Contact us today to have new auto keys made.

Trusted Automobile Locksmith Professionals

There are obviously different types of car brands and models. You may be wondering if we can cut car keys for all the different types of brands out there. We actually can. A professional outfit like Edwards Bros Locksmith is familiar with all the brands and models of cars available. so much that there is absolutely no key that we can not duplicate, cut, or make.

Have you got lost car keys no spare? Put your mind at rest; we have special locksmith car keys experts that can resolve the situation. Our tools are so advanced that we can have new car keys cut within minutes. Perhaps you are wondering how that could be possible.

As a professional company, we know that every car comes with a key code provided by the manufacturer. With this code, a new key can be made for your vehicle even without reference to the lost key. Apparently, all you need to do is provide the key code number to our experts. We advise that you have the code written somewhere it can be easily accessible. The fact that you still have your keys doesn’t mean you won’t need them in the future. It is better to be prepared than regretful.

Car Lockout Services

Needing to cut car keys is synonymous with needing an unlock service. In some cases, when one needs to unlock their car, it is because they have misplaced their keys too. Ultimately, a new key would need to be made.

Have you been locked out of your car and can’t seem to find your car keys? What you need is a locksmith that can get you out of both situations without hassles. Trying to break into your car will only attract the attention of the police. especially if you are in a public place. People would think you were trying to break into somebody else’s car.

Therefore, it is important to remain calm and collected in a situation like this. You would want to pick up your phone and call for a car locksmith. Are you unable to call due to the fact that your phone is in the car? Ask for help in reaching a lock and key professional. We are sure that you will be directed to our company, especially if you live in Pittsburgh, PA. Waste no time; hit that dial button. Our service is fast and reliable. Moreover, we make car keys on the spot.

Cost-effective Service That Equals Top Quality

Perhaps you have been with many other service providers and their rates are overwhelming. And what might surprise you the most is that the quality of their services is nowhere near their asking price. Well, we can’t say we don’t understand where you are coming from. After all, there are indeed companies like that that only care about what you have in your pocket.

We can assure you that it is not the same with us. One job with us will make you realize what you have been missing. You may be wondering whether our services are only centered around cars. That is not the case, as you can contact us for your residential and commercial locksmith needs as well. We carry out lock installations, repairs, maintenance, upgrades, and replacement services. A call to our customer service will determine what exactly we can help you with. Rest assured that we are the best and most affordable service provider in the entire city.

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