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How to Avoid Getting Locked Out of Your Car: Essential Tips from Your Local Locksmith

In this informative blog, you will learn:

By reading this blog, you will be equipped with valuable information and actionable steps to prevent car lockouts, ensuring peace of mind and seamless access to your vehicle.

  • Practical Strategies to Prevent Lockouts: Discover effective tips, such as keeping spare keys, using keyless entry systems, and developing consistent routines to ensure you never get locked out of your car.
  • The Role of Modern Technology: Understand how utilizing remote key fobs and smartphone apps can enhance your ability to access your vehicle without keys.
  • Importance of Key and Lock Maintenance: Learn the significance of regularly maintaining your car keys and lock systems to avoid unexpected lockouts.
  • Benefits of Professional Locksmith Services: Explore the advantages of having a reliable emergency locksmith and how professional services like key duplication and transponder key programming can safeguard against lockouts.
  • Steps to Take If Locked Out: Gain knowledge on immediate actions to take if you find yourself locked out, ensuring a calm and effective response.


Getting locked out of your car is a frustrating and often stressful experience. Whether you’re in a hurry, far from home, or in an unfamiliar location, finding yourself without access to your vehicle can disrupt your day. Fortunately, there are several strategies you can employ to prevent car lockouts. As your local locksmith experts, we’re here to share essential tips on how to avoid getting locked out of your car.

1. Keep a Spare Key Handy

One of the simplest and most effective ways to avoid a lockout is to have a spare key:

  • Keep a Spare at Home: Store a spare key in a secure place at home.
  • Give a Spare to a Trusted Person: Entrust a spare key to a family member or friend who can come to your aid if needed.
  • Use a Key Storage Box: Hide a spare key in a magnetic key storage box under your car. Make sure it’s well-hidden to avoid theft.

2. Use Keyless Entry and Smart Technology

Many modern cars come equipped with keyless entry and smart technology features that can help prevent lockouts:

  • Remote Key Fob: Ensure your remote key fob’s battery is always charged. If your car has a keyless entry system, take advantage of it.
  • Smartphone Apps: Some car manufacturers offer smartphone apps that allow you to lock and unlock your vehicle remotely. Always keep your phone charged and the app updated.

3. Develop a Routine

Establishing a consistent routine can significantly reduce the chances of getting locked out:

  • Check for Keys Before Exiting: Make it a habit to always check that you have your keys in hand before closing the car door.
  • Use the Driver’s Door: Always lock and unlock your car from the driver’s door. This ensures you don’t accidentally lock your keys inside the car.

4. Maintain Your Car Key and Lock System

Regular maintenance of your car key and lock system can prevent unexpected lockouts:

  • Replace Worn Keys: If your car key shows signs of wear, consider getting a replacement to avoid it breaking or malfunctioning.
  • Lubricate Locks: Periodically lubricate your car’s locks to ensure they function smoothly, especially in extreme weather conditions.

5. Consider Professional Solutions

Professional locksmith services offer additional safeguards against lockouts:

6. Stay Prepared

Preparation is key to handling unexpected lockouts:

  • Carry a Portable Charger: Keep a portable charger for your smartphone to ensure you can always access digital key solutions.
  • Store Locksmith Contact Information: Save the contact details of a trusted local locksmith in your phone and wallet.

What to Do If You Get Locked Out

Despite your best efforts, accidents can still happen. Here’s what to do if you find yourself locked out of your car:

  • Stay Calm: Panicking won’t help. Take a deep breath and assess your situation.
  • Check All Doors: Ensure all doors are truly locked, including the trunk.
  • Call for Help: Contact a family member or friend with a spare key or call a professional locksmith for immediate assistance.

Why Choose Our Locksmith Services?

At Edwards Bros Locksmith, we provide comprehensive locksmith services designed to help you avoid lockouts and manage any lock-related emergencies efficiently:

  • 24/7 Emergency Services: We offer round-the-clock assistance for all types of lockouts.
  • Mobile Locksmith Services: Our team can reach you wherever you are, ensuring swift and reliable service.
  • Expertise and Experience: With years of experience, our locksmiths are skilled in handling all types of car locks and keys.


Preventing car lockouts is all about being prepared and taking proactive steps to safeguard your keys. By following these tips and keeping our locksmith services in mind, you can minimize the risk of finding yourself locked out of your car. If you ever need assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help you stay on the road, hassle-free.

For professional, reliable, and fast locksmith services, contact us today!

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