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It is unpleasant to lose or damage a car key. To avoid this circumstance, the automobile key can be duplicated or replaced. Everything hinges on the kind of automobile key, the dealership or specialist you call, and whether or not you have a duplicate key or the VIN.

A basic automobile key may be duplicated at the dealership, at any hardware shop, or by a locksmith. The sidewinder and laser keys, which have chips inside of them, are more difficult to duplicate and more costly. In order to set up a transponder as a remote key to a car, you might require the services of a professional car locksmith Pittsburgh.

Edwards Bros Locksmith provides such services in Pittsburgh, PA. If you have got a car key stuck in lock or need replacement car keys, we are the locksmith outfit to call upon.

How to make a car key copy

Newer key fobs are challenging to duplicate. The explanation for this is that contemporary key fob technology makes it difficult to make car keys on purpose to deter criminals.

Many automakers let owners who already have one of the two keys that came with the vehicle program another key. This one is simple to duplicate at any locksmith outfit. You only need that if the key is a simple one. Some automobile keys, therefore, require more work than simple duplication.

The majority of vehicles use electronic key fobs. This implies that for substitution or duplication, the key must be reprogrammed. The majority of owner’s handbooks will provide the steps required to assist with programming the key. There are a ton of internet resources that may assist you with it.

Alternatively, if you have a backup key that you can use to start the car, you should get a normal car key but one that doesn’t transmit and keep it that way. This one is just used for unlocking doors as it is without a transmitting chip and therefore cannot start the car’s engine.

Can One Make Car Keys Without the Original?

A company like Edwards Bros Locksmith can make car keys even if you have lost the original key. This is made possible because every car has a key code that has been provided by the manufacturer. This key code can be used to generate a key replacement for you. So, if you don’t have any other keys apart from the lost one, a replacement can be made.

However, only a professional locksmith is up to such a task. You will be asked for proof of identification and documents indicating you own the car. This is normal procedure for most locksmiths’ outfits. We do this to make sure we are not making replacement keys for a stolen car. So, if you need to make car keys, be sure you have your documents with you.

Make Car Keys At Reasonable Prices

The price range differs depending on the type of car and the complexities involved. However, rest assured that we offer the best prices in the entire Pittsburgh, PA area. We have the equipment and tools to get your replacement keys made without any problems. In fact, you can get your new keys on the same day.

It may be standard procedure to go to your dealership for a car key duplicate or replacement. But you will find that dealers now collaborate with locksmiths to get this done. Instead of the usual, making an order for a new set of keys from the automakers. Our service is almost the same quality as getting it from an automaker and less expensive. Trust us for affordable auto key replacement, programming, and copying. Feel free to contact us when you need to.

Can You Make Keys For All Types Of Cars?

There isn’t a car made in the United States of America that we cannot make keys for. Even foreign cars are not left out. If it is a car that has a lock and key, we can definitely handle it. Our versatility is beyond that of new players in the game. We have conquered the industry and are therefore qualified to take on any type of car.

Furthermore, we provide lock and key services for your residential places, business places, safes, and of course automobiles. So if you need a new lock installation, or an upgrade to your home’s lock system, do not hesitate to reach out to us. We can also repair damaged door locks, rekey or change your locks, as well as help you with a lockout.

Our phone lines are always open, so feel free to contact anytime of the day. We hope to hear from you soon.

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