master key systems

When to consider master keys?

Installing a master key system in your home or office can have lots of benefits, but it also has some drawbacks.
For example, good instances to have a commercial locksmith install a master key system, is for all the doors inside the house. The room doors, windows, garage door ets. This makes it more comfortable for you, since you dont need to constantly carry 20 different keys, keep track of what opens what, and lose them one by one. Same goes for doors inside your office. Its also a a good idea to have a master key for properties you are renting, if there are a few. It adds a lot of comfort, but as mentioned above, may not be so great in some situation .

Here are some situation in which you definitely DONT want a master key:

Safes – Never have a key that opens more than one of your saes.

Vaults – Never have a key that opens anything else, other than a single vault.

House Keys – If you own more than one house or appartment, its much safer to have a separate key for each one.

House and Office – Make sure to have a separate your home key from your business key.

Double doors – If you have more than one door to your house or office, make sure to have different access methods and or keys to each one.

Call Edwards Bros Locksmith To Install Master Key System!

These are just some examples of when to consider using master key systems, and when not to. Of course, each specific case is different, so if you are tired of walking around with a heavy clanking key chey. Call Edwards Bros for a free consultation. We can consider your needs and advise on whether it’s a good idea to get a master key for your locks. And if so happens that in your case we recommend it, you can be sure that there will be no one who can do it better, faster and cheaper than us!

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