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Repairing ignition switch keys is a delicate job

You may not have the need to repair ignition switch keys because they are expected to work smoothly for long. But what if a problem develops? If you approach a regular locksmith, he will try to repair the key without realizing how delicate the job is and will end up making the key and the lock unusable. You need the skills and experience of Edwards Bros Pittsburgh Locksmith who has been dealing with locks and keys for a long time. We will deploy the proper care needed to repair the ignition switch key and make it function well. Trust us and get the best.

Want to go for Key duplication – Understand the risks involved.

Do you want to go for key duplication because you need additional keys for some reason? Ideally, only the original keys made by the lock manufacturer will be a perfect fit for your locks. If you are making duplicate keys, be aware that key copies that are not perfect will affect the smooth functioning of your locks. The solution is to get the key duplication done by people who know about keys and locks. Edwards Bros Pittsburgh Locksmith is a company that is involved in lock services including key duplication services. Trust the best people for getting the best results. Call us at 412-879-0906.

Get the best lockout services when you need them

Since lockout is a situation that may arise only rarely, you may not be concerned about getting prepared to face it. But you should know where you will get the best lockout services when you may need them. Edwards Bros Pittsburgh Locksmith offers the best lockout services in terms of speed, efficiency and reliability. First, we are very fast. We will reach you immediately on receipt of your call. Secondly, the quality of our services will be the best you can get. We will clear the lockout without breaking the lock or door and make the door usable again. You can rely on us.

Don’t allow your magnetic locks to be damaged

Magnetic locks are based on modern technology. They should be handled by people who understand the technology behind their working. If you have your magnetic locks repaired by unskilled people, you may cause the locks to be damaged. Unlike conventional locks that have only mechanical parts, magnetic locks have electrical parts like coils. Even a slight damage to any electrical part will make your lock useless. Use the expertise of Edwards Bros Pittsburgh Locksmith for getting your magnetic locks repaired. We have locksmiths who are trained to handle both the mechanical and electrical parts of a magnetic lock. They will make your magnetic lock work.

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