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Thanks for visiting our Edwards Bros Locksmith website! We are proud to be the top locksmith in Pittsburgh, PA company, and have over a decade in business to prove it. If you are in or around the Pittsburgh area, we can assist you with any locksmith needs. All of our locksmiths are reliable and honest. We also offer emergency services for our clients – we’re so dependable that we are known throughout the community for having a 20-minute response time. Our fully loaded locksmith in Pittsburgh vans have everything we need to be able to help you out with lockouts, lock repair, and key copying services.

Locksmith Service in Pittsburgh


When you are in need of a local locksmith that can deal with auto, residential, and commercial lock and key needs, we are the experts who you should call. We’re your locksmith in Pittsburgh that can take care of emergency lock and key services and we can take care of any locksmith issue that you can imagine. When you call our locksmith Pittsburgh number, we will set you up with the assistance that you need and will surprise you with our fast and efficient service. We’ve got your backs, and that’s why more people than ever are trusting us to be their reliable local locksmith service.

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A Local Locksmith That Focuses on You

If you’re in a predicament and need to call for a local locksmith Pittsburgh for help, you want to know them and feel comfortable with them, right? That’s why we make a conscious effort to be a local locksmith nearby that communicates with our community and lets people know who we are and what we’re doing. When you need a locksmith near me, you can always call us or come to our office and we’ll have a local locksmith that is ready to help you out. From key copying to lockouts; lock repairs to key replacements, locksmith in Pittsburgh can do all of that for you with ease.

Lost or broken car keys

Edwards Bros Locksmith in Pittsburgh PA for when you suddenly find that you have forgotten your car keys inside the vehicle or instances when your car key has broken inside the lock; there are often certain issues that involve solving car key problems. You may be in need of a replacement key or you may find that the whole lock system of your vehicle needs fixing. These problems can be annoying if you rely on your vehicle or if you have a business and provide services using vehicles. Auto locksmiths can offer assistance in such circumstances. Whether it has to do with fixing the door lock, retrieving a broken key, programming the transponder, and other issues, fast and reliable services can often save you time and keep your business running smoothly. With a dedicated staff expert in the field and able to solve issues on any car model, you can carry on with your daily activity without much worry.

A convenient services for safes, vaults and offices

Edwards Bros Locksmith in Pittsburgh PA is a convenient service to have when you find yourself in a situation such as requiring quick services to fix the safe door at the office or you have forgotten your keys inside the car as well as other problems regarding the lock at your premises or of your vehicle. Mobile locksmiths often can respond to a call within the hour. With a team that has the expertise in dealing with all types of lock problems, they can resolve matters concerning door locks, car locks of any model, safe locks and more. They are a welcome convenience since they often can answers calls 24/7. If you are out clubbing during the night and find that you have lost your car keys or house keys then, the appreciation is even a lot greater. They can have you on your way and in your house quickly and not waste moments trying to figure out what to do. Call 412-879-0906.

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