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Immobilizer Key Service Experts – You Are On The Right Page!

An immobilizer is an electronic security device attached to a car’s system that prevents anyone from starting the engine without the presence of the transponder key. This prevents the engine from being hotwired even after gaining entry into the car. It is therefore an effective method of preventing car theft.

Cars made in the last couple of decades have this security system fitted, as it was a measure devised by General Motors to reduce the rate of car theft at the time. To use any of these cars, you need an immobilizer key that carries a signal-transmitting chip. If you don’t have this key, you won’t be able to start your car. So, if you have misplaced yours or somehow damaged it, you need a solution.

Immobilizer Key Replacement Experts: The Best in Pittsburgh, PA!

An immobilizer requires a uniquely distinct digital serial number from the transponder key. If this code doesn’t match with that present in the car immobilizer, there may be something wrong with your key. Also, if you lose your key or get it damaged, it simply means you need a replacement as soon as possible. To get a replacement, you will need to hire a reputable immobilizer key expert in the city.

Edwards Bros Locksmith is one of the very best in the city, and we have helped many car owners restore their keys. We understand that you may have your doubts considering how this pertains to your car’s security. However, with us, you need not worry. We are widely known in Pittsburgh, PA, and we can make replacement transponder keys for any type of car. Why don’t you contact us right away? Expect only the best service!

Car Key Programming Professionals: Always a Top Choice!

Getting a replacement key, especially for cars with immobilizers, doesn’t automatically mean you will be able to get access to your car. Because of its security protocols, you’d need the keys programmed. There is usually a device for it, but only a certified and trained professional can use it. Of course, the same locksmith that helped with the replacement key can also get it programmed.

People would often find their car dealerships when they needed new keys as well as programmed keys. However, it is a simple thing that most locksmith professionals can help with now. Edwards Bros Locksmith is one of those locksmith companies, and we offer top-tier immobilizer key programming services. Our experts would usually program your key after a replacement has been made. Give us a call now to get that key issue fixed!

Emergency Auto Key Services: Prompt and Reliable!

Have you unfortunately found yourself in a terrible auto situation? May be you have lost your keys and have need for your car at the same time? We understand your situation, which is why you can call Edwards Bros Locksmith. With us on top of the situation, that emergency will not look like one any longer. We have swift-responding locksmiths who can be at your location within minutes. All you have to do is call!

If you are wondering how we are going to make a new key without the original, leave that worry to us. We have all the necessary equipment in our means of mobility to get that done; all we need is a code from your car. Do not wait any longer; contact us now!

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